Incident Response Plan Generator

Having a plan in place before an event occurs is critical. Organizations that have incident response plans in place respond faster, with fewer financial losses, and with less damage to their brand integrity and reputation.

Use this tool to generate an Incident Response Plan for your organization.

Get started by providing the following information:

1. Primary and Alternate contacts for each area listed below
2. Office numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses for each of those contacts
3. Other contacts as appropriate

We recognize that depending on your organization's size, you may not have all of these positions represented, or may have one person as the contact for more than one role listed below. That's okay. Fill in what you can. Every business is different. The purpose of outlining these roles here is to get your organization thinking about the things that will need to be done should a breach occur.

Please enter the information below:

Organizational Details

Incident Response Coordinator

Information Technology



Human Resources

Office Manager

That's it! Create and use your plan.